Audio Array USB-C Audio Interface

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Experience the Pinnacle of Audio Excellence

In a world where sound quality is paramount, the Audio Array AI-02 2×2 USB-C Audio Interface emerges as a true game-changer. This cutting-edge device is the epitome of premium audio technology, delivering an unparalleled recording and playback experience. Whether you’re a professional musician, a content creator, or a budding podcaster, the AI-02 will elevate your audio productions to new heights.

Unrivaled Audio Prowess

At the heart of the Audio Array AI-02 lies the exceptional Midas Mic Pre-Amps, renowned for their studio-grade sound quality. These preamps are revered in the music industry for their transparent, warm, and natural sonic characteristics, ensuring that every nuance of your voice or instrument is faithfully captured. Prepare to be astonished as the AI-02 transforms your recordings into sonic masterpieces.

Empowering Creativity

The AI-02 boasts a 2×2 configuration, featuring XLR/LINE inputs that accommodate a wide range of audio sources. Whether you’re plugging in your favorite condenser microphone or a line-level instrument, this versatile interface empowers you to explore your creativity without limitations. With 48V Phantom Power on board, it effortlessly accommodates condenser microphones, providing professional-level performance for all your vocal and instrument recording needs.

Seamless Integration, Instant Gratification

In an age where time is precious, the AI-02 presents an innovative plug & play design, eliminating the need for tedious driver installations. Simply connect the interface to your device via USB-C, and you’re ready to go. The AI-02’s compatibility with USB Bus 3.0 ensures ultra-low latency, guaranteeing that your real-time monitoring and playback remain impeccably in sync, allowing you to perform with confidence and precision.

Crafted to Perfection

Not only does the Audio Array AI-02 excel in performance, but it also captivates with its aesthetic appeal. Encased in a sleek metal body, exuding an air of sophistication, the AI-02 makes a bold statement in metallic grey. The sturdy construction ensures durability, making it the perfect companion for life on the go, whether you’re recording in the studio or producing content while traveling.

Key Features:

  • Premium Midas Mic Pre-Amps for studio-grade sound quality.
  • 48V Phantom Power for accommodating condenser microphones.
  • 2×2 configuration with XLR/LINE inputs for versatile audio sources.
  • USB Bus 3.0 Ultra Low Latency for real-time monitoring and playback accuracy.
  • Plug & Play design, no drivers required, for instant usability.
  • Sleek metal body in metallic grey, combining style and durability.

The Audio Array AI-02 2×2 USB-C Audio Interface represents the pinnacle of audio engineering, catering to professionals and enthusiasts alike. With its exceptional Midas Mic Pre-Amps, seamless integration, and stunning design, it delivers an unrivaled audio experience. Unleash your creativity, capture every detail, and bring your audio productions to life with the AI-02. Elevate your sound, elevate your artistry, with the Audio Array AI-02.

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