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The following devices are good for internet bonding.

Zifilink 3X

The Zifilink 3-X is a bonding router that can combine multiple mobile networks into one to get you the best performance possible.


This device can combine 3G, 4G, and even older mobile networks such as 2.5G into a single network to get the best Ethernet and Wi-Fi performance. It gives you a stable connection with solid bandwidth and speeds so that you can get stuff done.

Configuring the Zifilink 3-X is easy. You just have to plug in all the cables and dongles and that’s it. It will detect the ISP and connect you to the mobile network right away.

It can also update its firmware automatically using newer USB dongles, which means that you don’t have to do anything and you will still get all the latest features, security, and speed.

The Zifilink 3-X can be monitored and configured using a computer, but it can also be done from other devices that can connect to it. You can use your phone or tablet to check the bandwidth and usage.

You can connect 3 USB or 1 Ethernet (EoUSB)+USB to the Zifilink 3-X. You get a Wi-Fi hotspot and a single LAN output with this model.


The Zifilink 3-X performs great. If you only need to connect a single desktop PC or laptop or just need the Wi-Fi hotspot, the Zifilink 3-X should be enough. The maximum available bandwidth will depend on the cellular network coverage you get.


The Zifilink 3-X is a great basic bonding router that has Wi-Fi and an Ethernet over USB port. It is easy to setup, monitor, and update.

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Zifilink 5X


The Zifilink 5-X is very similar to the Zifilink 3-X, but it allows you to connect two more USB dongles for even more speed, stability, and bandwidth.


Just like the 3-X, the 5-X can update automatically with newer USB models.

It is also super simple to configure thanks to the Zero Configuration feature. Simply connect all the USB dongles that you have and it will work right away.

Monitoring and controlling your networks is possible through any device that you connect to the 5-X, which is true for all Zifilink devices. In fact, the only difference between the 3-X and the 5-X is that you can connect two more USB dongles and the 5-X is physically larger.

You get a Wi-Fi hotspot, one LAN output (Ethernet-over-USB), and you can connect up to 5 2.5G, 3G, or 4G dongles to get great performance.


The 5-X performs a bit better than the 3-X because you will be able to connect more USB dongles. However, the type of cellular coverage that you get is the most important factor. For example, if you can get multiple 4G networks in your area, the performance will be significantly better than what you would get from 2.G or 3G.

If you need decent bandwidth and stability to get stuff done, the 5-X is a solid choice.


The 5-X is a great bonding router that allows you to connect up to 5 USB dongles. You only get a single Ethernet (EoUSB) port, so bear that in mind.

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Zifilink 8X


This is the fastest bonding router of the three. It allows you to connect up to 8 USB devices to get the most bandwidth possible. Remember that you should only get this one if you are confident that your area has 8 different cellular networks in the first place. If not, the 5-X or 3-X would be a better choice.


Just like with the 5-X and 3-X, you get all the features. Automatic updates, easy setup, and monitoring the network are all possible with the 8-X.

The 8-X can handle all cellular broadband from multiple vendors to get the best performance. It bonds up to 8 different connections, which means that the performance that you get from the 8-X is more than enough.

The 8-X is the largest bonding router on the list, but it is still quite small and easy to carry around if you need to do stuff while traveling.

In addition to the 8 USB dongle ports, you get a EoUSB port for your laptop or desktop computer.


Because the 8-X allows you to connect up to 8 USB dongles, the performance that you get is incredible. Your Internet connection will be stable and blazing fast, even faster than what you get from the Zifilink 3-X and 5-X.


The Zifilink 8-X is the fastest bonding router on this list. However, you have to bear in mind that you should only get it if your area gets 8 different cellular networks. The performance that you get is directly tied to the cellular networks.

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