Fifine T669 Condenser USB Microphone Kit Review

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condenser microphone with adjustable tabletop

The Fifine T669 condenser USB microphone kit is an amazing audio recording solution that has everything you could ever need. You get a scissor arm stand, a high-quality shock mount, a double-layered pop filter, a foam windscreen, a long USB cable, a desk clamp, the microphone itself, and even a tripod stand. You also get a one-year warranty with the kit in case anything goes wrong.

Getting a good microphone is a sound investment. A standalone microphone can’t match the sound quality that you get from a microphone kit such as this one. The pop filter and the windscreen are responsible for blocking any unwanted noise from the environment or the fast-moving air that hits your microphone as you speak. Let’s now take a look at this microphone kit from Fifine.

Fifine T669 Condenser USB Microphone Kit


The first thing that welcomes you when you open the microphone kit box is the double pop filter. It can be mounted onto the arm using the clamp at the other end of the filter. The build quality of the pop filter is surprisingly good. Fifine claims that the two layers block more noise than only one layer would.

The included foam windscreen is something that you should use together with the pop filter if you want to minimize the noise in your audio recording. The pop filter will block the noise produced as a result of your speaking and the windscreen will block any other noise that the microphone might pick up.

The shock mount is mostly made of plastic and elastic bands. It is not the best shock mount ever, but it works pretty well. You also get some replacement elastic bands for the shock mount in case they snap.

The scissor arm is made of black metal that feels very solid and stays in place when you move it. You get a nice thumb screw on the arm joint that allows you to adjust the positioning more precisely.

Unfortunately, the desk clamp that comes as a part of the microphone kit has one major flaw. It has a rubber pad on the top part, but the bottom part is only a thin piece of metal. This means that you might damage the bottom side of your desk if you tighten the clamp too much. It also means that the arm won’t be as stable.

The included tripod is a nice addition because you never know when you’re going to need it.

Now we move on to the microphone itself. The Fifine T669 is a very good-sounding condenser microphone that sounds great even on its own. But when you pair it with the rest of the kit, the sound you get is quite crisp.

The T669 also has a nice little feature that we don’t see too often on cheap microphone kits – it has a volume knob on the mic itself.

Design; Quality

The entire microphone kit is high-quality and solid. Everything is made to look sleek for a minimalistic look. All parts of the kit are completely black. The only design flaw is that the shock mount makes it very hard to use the volume knob on the microphone.


The Fifine T669 is a very good condenser microphone even when you use it on its own without the pop filter and windscreen. It can get very loud if you need it to. The included tripod allows you to use it that way. But most people buying a microphone kit get it because of the microphone arm, shock mount, and pop filter that come with it.

When you combine all those things, the resulting sound is crystal clear, crisp, and high-quality. The pop filter and the windscreen block most of the noise, but not all of it.

Pros & Cons

The main pro of the Fifine T669 microphone is that it is very affordable. The value that you get from buying a microphone kit is amazing and this kit is no exception.

The build quality is also very good at this price point. Everything feels very solid overall, especially the microphone itself.

You also get a nice volume knob that allows you to adjust the microphone volume easily.

The main cons are related to design oversights. The shock mount blocking the volume knob removes the convenience of the knob and the exposed metal on the desk clamp can leave marks under your table.

Also, the pop filter and the windscreen don’t block all noise that hits the microphone.


The Fifine T669 microphone kit brings a lot of value to the table. Getting a microphone kit such as this one is a smart idea because it can last you for a long time. The design and build quality are hard to beat at this price point. Your recordings will be crisp and clear with this microphone kit.

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