YoloBox Portable Live Stream Studio Review

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Whether you are a professional with a long history of live-streaming everything you do, or you are a brand-new streamer who’d like to see what the fuss is about, the new Yolo Box Portable Live Stream Studio setup makes it all seem easy.

For those who proudly proclaim themselves as videographers, the search for the best way to help live-stream many events is never-ending, and the Yolo Box has made these events easier to stream, which means their clients will be happier because of the ease of using YoloBox to send video anywhere they want.

Who Needs the YoloBox Portable Studio?

If you have been searching for an easy way to live-stream events, and you want a product that makes everything simple, then the YoloBox is the product you’ve been looking for.

Put in its simplest terms, the YoloBox is an all-in-one Livestream studio in a box. This product features everything you need in one place, with everything you need to control the entire live stream yourself, whether you are a professional or you are just starting out.

YoloBox is so new and complete, in 2019, it received the Innovation Award at that year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The CES looks for the best new electronics and honors outstanding design and innovation.

According to a panel of judges, which included engineers, designers and members of the tech media, looked at the Yolo Box, compared it with other like products, and felt it made the grade in the areas of design, functionality, and consumer appeal.

How Well Does YoloBox Work?

Based on the reviews of the YoloBox posted online, users are usually impressed with the look of the equipment right out f the box. They often make note of the quality of the product, as well as the impression it makes with its smoothness and its lack of protruding controls.

The YoloBox offers the ability to connect in one of three ways. You can connect via wifi, ethernet, or via SIM Card. Once the Yolo is charged and running, the connection is easy.

How you connect is completely up to you. Of course, you can use a wireless connection, but you may be risking occasional issues with the signal, which could make the ethernet connection the better choice. The point is, you control everything when you use a YoloBox; there is no default that will take away the total control of your live stream.

YoloBox comes with a monitor with a touchscreen, with which you have the option of mounting at the top of a tripod, as a way to find the most comfortable viewing angle for you. Many have commented that the response of the touchscreen is really good, although using it leaves behind lots f fingerprints that you won’t notice until the YoloBx is turned off.

You Will Know Everything You Need to Know

One of the more impressive features of the YoloBox is how versatile it is. You can add virtually anything to it, including a variety of extra cameras, and controllers like switch boxes and monitors. One user boasts of linking six cameras to a switcher and using that switcher to choose the angles he feels are best to stream.

That user also runs the YoloBox feed to a monitor on the other side of the room, which is monitored by professionals. On the touchscreen monitor is a wide range of streaming data, including information about data rates, various other metrics and which platforms you are currently live-streaming to, like Facebook or YouTube.

Among the other features that come with the YoloBox include the ability to add several layers of custom graphics, which means you can add watermarks, logos or other graphics to your live-stream, for a more professional look and feel, or to improve your presentation.

The YoloBox also has the capability to stream video from a separate source for a picture-in-picture video, plus you can input separate audio from another source if that is what you choose to do.

Why Live Streaming With YoloBox is Satisfying for Many Folks

The YoloBox Live Stream Studio has almost every feature a live streamer could think of. This product has a lot more features that could ever fit into a single review – at least, one that most people would be likely to read, anyway. You can both live stream video and record it to a computer or an SD card, to post it somewhere or use it anyway you want.

Only a scant few users have reported complaints about the YoloBox since it was released, including a report from one user that recording a video can take the audio and video out of sync.

Other users report a small problem connecting their video stream to Facebook. Some have also noted the inability to change the battery.

Overall, however, users of YoloBox tend to seem happy with it, primarily because it has such a large number of features, but also because it is s customizable, in a way that makes it more “future-proof” than other entries in this category.

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